Deadly Jewel

by Sam Taylor

Zokar Rizian is a cold-blooded murderer and a self-seeking scavenger.  But in committing an unexpected act of friendship, he becomes an unlikely hero.  Laura St James is an unsuspecting young girl trying, with little luck, to be just like everybody else.  She does not consider herself a terrorist.  But with one impulsive act, all that changes and she becomes an unlikely villain.  These two just can’t get it right.  Things get a whole lot more messy when they are forced into an uneasy alliance to protect a planet that nobody else thinks is worth saving – Earth.

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Reviews for "Deadly Jewel"

"It was a great read, couldn't stop till I'd finished it and had a grin on my face nearly the whole time. It was the wry humour, the quirkiness and the fast-paced action that got me in."

"Even kids could read this and love it. It has such universal appeal, especially since us Terrans are basically the heroes. It is the sheer optimism for the human race that gets me in, and the interesting way you hark back to historical events and view them with a  totally different perspective and mindshift."

"What a fabulous read!! Bring on the next book!!"  Marilyn

"THAT STORY WAS GOOD. ' Twas 'mazing.  Dude, I can't even begin to..." Alice Nox

"A vivid, exciting story. By the time I was half-way through I was reading for pure pleasure" (professional editor, Kelly Hart)


The Eye of Shiva

by Sam Taylor

(The sequel to Deadly Jewel)

Shiva Kiran and Zokar Rizian are living in a changed galaxy.  The Galactic Union is rebuilding its fleet, led by a furious Empress hell-bent on avenging the destruction of her battle fleet by the humans.  Earth and the Fey alliance are battling for existence on the edge of a galactic empire which wants them obliterated.  But old alliances within the empire come back to haunt Zokar Rizian, and he finds himself on the outer with his captain.


Shiva, for his part, is puzzled by his own complete lack of psychic ability.  His is the purest human blood of all, so why should he be unlike the rest of the powerful humans around him?  But then the tides of war turn against them, and all such considerations must be put on hold.

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