I'm a Facebook person.  It's where you will find me most reliably.  The authors on Perseus connect with me there, and there is a public Facebook group for the Perseus Arm projects.  It's where you will find occasional advice on writing, getting published, etc (because being a writer AND editor I understand both sides of the equation):  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PerseusChat/

My Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/sam.taylor.775  It's where you'll find me hanging out the most if I'm on line.  The only thing to remember is that I am on the other half of the planet to most people, so your daytime is likely to be my 1am or something ridiculous.  So if I ignore your post for several hours it's because I'm packing ZZZZ's after a long day's brainwork or riding (or better still, both!).

You can email me on deadlyjewel@hotmail.com also, but I only jump on the email every second day or so.

I love to talk to people and am too happy to speak to writers.  I'm happy to give new writers feedback and help in exchange for Amazon reviews on my books!

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