About Sam:

Hi, Sam here.  I am an Australian science fiction author.  I have a Master's degree in science and was a farm manager for many years, but I am most at home on horseback, training and riding horses at a gallop in the thousands of hectares of forestry near my home.  My first novel "Deadly Jewel" came out on Kindle in September 2012.

About my books:

Click on the My Books tab above to find out more about my books.  I have written over a hundred short stories and a few novellas.  I have written two novels in the 'Deadly Jewel' series:  'Deadly Jewel' itself and the sequel, 'The Eye of Shiva.'  'The Eye of Shiva' tracks Shiva and Zokar as they struggle to help the humans protect their home world, Earth.  It was published on 2 July 2014, and is on an introductory special for .99 cents Kindle and $8.99 print.  The direct link for that is here:  http://www.amazon.com/Shiva-Deadly-Jewel-Series-Volume/dp/0992541514

Also I now write and edit for the Tales from the Perseus Arm anthologies:

Tales from the Perseus Arm:

In 2013 I got together a bunch of really talented new authors and a couple of published authors, and we created the "Tales from the Perseus Arm" project, a series of science fiction anthologies combining the talents of a team of authors from around the world.  Writers on the project include John Gribbin (quantum physics guru and writer of around 100 books), Rachael Kelly (Ireland's "Aspiring Novelist" for 2014) and CM Martin (over 500,000 fans).  The brilliant and talented artist Patricia Burn entered the team at that time and is now SGA's preferred cover artist.

About my other projects:

Some of the authors from Perseus went on to write their own novels, and I have helped with a few of them.  In February 2014 a book I edited for Rachael Kelly, 'Edge of Heaven,' went on to win for her the "Aspiring Novelist" prize in Ireland.

For CM Martin I published a print edition of her Kindle book 'Natira, Child of the Clouds.'  CM now has a couple more books in the pipeline.

For Debbie Painter I just edited her first novel, 'Dissolution,' which was published in March 2014.

SGA Publications are building up quite the list of titles:  Check out the current list by clicking here.


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